Monday, May 26, 2008


Friday was Heidi's 5th birthday, so on Sat. Natalie and Chad had a party for her at our house. She invited her Primary classmates and they all had a fun time.
Everyone had left and about 5:00 Heidi and Noah were playing outside. They were outside our living room window and I thought I heard some glass breaking. I looked out the window and 3 kids had broken the window at out neighbors house. Heidi and Noah were standing there watching them and they turned around and looked at us and I thought it was the neighbor kid. I assumed he had locked himself out and they were trying to get in the house. I knocked on the window and said something to Heidi and Noah and then noticed the girl that was with them was gone and the boys were walking around to the front of the house. I thought, boy are they gonna be in trouble with their mom for breaking the window.
Natalie and Chad left shortly after that and I headed into town to get gas. I checked the house when I went by and saw both cars were there so didn't think much more of it.
Well early Sunday evening we happen to look out the window and see the police next door. They are looking at the window and dusting for finger prints so I head over and tell them I saw the whole thing. Stupid me just thought it was the kid that lived there. Well I gave them a written statement, after they checked my drivers license to make sure there was no warrant out for my arrest, and yes I did pass that test in case anyone is wondering. There were 2 boys and 1 girl and I got a good look at all 3 of them. They were looking at the house and I assumed they say me looking at them out the window. Heidi, who is now 5, gave a great description of the girl. She even knew exactly what she was wearing. Hopefully they will catch who it was. The police officer said the neighbors have an older daughter who does not live with them and they thought she might be involved. I don't imagine I will make a very good impression with my neighbor. She probably will think I am a real idiot. Oh yeah the other thing, they are in Florida on vacation so we think it was some kids that knew they would be gone. I could just kick myself for not questioning what they were doing, but I really just thought it was the neighbor kid. We don't see them that much and he had dark hair just like the neighbor. Oh well, I hope I have learned a little something from this. It was a little strange though since they saw Heidi and Noah standing there watching them and it really didn't seem to phase them at all.
I am hoping I will get to look at a police line up and point them out. Maybe I should think about a career in law enforcement. In fact CSI may be trying to get it touch with me even as I am writing this. I see big things on the horizon for me. Oh yeah wait ,I kinda let them get away with this while I stood and watched.
Maybe I am more Barney Fife and less Andy Taylor than I thought. Well hopefully I will do better next time, wait I don't want there to be a next time!!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bathroom Remodel

Monday was a shopping day. Macy and I went to Home Depot and Lowes looking for stuff for the bathroom. For those of you who don't know we are about to embark on a bathroom remodel. Now this is happening much to the chagrin of Ross. He likes to keep things just as they are. You know, if it aint broke don't fix it. Well unfortunately it is broke, he just doesn't want to admit that it is.
Several months ago I noticed that the paint on the wall next to the bathtub was starting to bubble up. I said something about it to Ross, but he pretty much ignored it. Well it got worse and once again I said something to Ross and again he pretty much ignored it. Finally I got him to admit that there might be a slight problem, such as a water leak. But, all he said was, well we can't do anything until we find the leak. Ok, so I thought he was going to find the leak. Well that didn't happen so I took matters into my own hands. We have really old pink tile on the walls in the bathroom and one actually fell off. Now this really did happen all by itself, I had nothing to do with it, but it gave me an excuse to get those tiles off the wall. I knew we had a leak and I knew we had to find it. So I started my quest. I knew Ross would not be happy when he came home from work to see my handiwork, but I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. As most of you know Ross moves pretty slooooooooooow. And that is an understatement. Well he came home and I was surprised at how calm he was. All he said was "Car, why did you do that".
Well that has been over 2 months ago and nothing more has happened. So I finally called a friend who is a contractor and he is coming in the morning to asses what has to be done. And all Ross said was, well we have to find the leak before we can do anything. So I told him that is what Lee is going to do and he is going to tell us what has to be done. Well now on to the fun stuff, the shopping. Well, it's suppose to be fun, unless you know what you want and you can't find it. Lowes assortment of sinks for the bathroom was well lets say not the greatest. I had found one online though that I liked and they are going to order it for me. My only problem is I left the store on Monday without paying for it so they can't order it until I pay. I bought other things that day and completely forgot to pay for the sink, duh. I also got a new faucet which is really cool and a new faucet for the kitchen sink. Now I am on the hunt for flooring for the bathroom. I wanted to get a vinyl that looks like wood, but haven't really found what I want. So I may have to rethink things. I am just glad Lee will be here in the morning and we can get started on all this. We are going to try to do most of the demo ourselves, so we will see how that goes. I pretty much have all the tile off the wall and have taken up some of the old tile off the floor. This bathroom is really dated so we have several things to get new, but it will look great when we are done, at least in my mind it does now. Hope it does when we get done. Oh the joys of remodeling. I am just glad this is one Ross won't be doing. That means there will be a completion day. Yeah.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weekend

Wow it was a busy weekend. As you know from my last post I had Vivian and Sophie Friday and Saturday. Saturday I took Vivian with me to a baptism at church. She was really good. I left Sophie home sleeping with Ross, and I was really crossing my fingers she would sleep the whole time I was gone. Well I must be living right cause she was still asleep when Vivian and I got home. That's good cause sometimes Ross isn't that great at watching the kids, he thinks he is, but no he really isn't. It was a nice day and Ross worked outside most of the day. He took Vivian out with him so she could pick some flowers, aka , dandelions. Well he turned his back and Vivian was making a beeline for the road . I hear him screaming at her to stop, so I looked out the kitchen window to see him running after her as she is heading for the road. Thankfully she took a turn and stopped because I could hear the traffic out on the road. We live just outside of town, but right on the highway and the cars go by really fast. Well needless to say I just about had a heart attack. Vivian had to stand in the corner, she did a lot of that over the 2 days she was hear. I keep telling Ross you can't take your eyes off the kids when they are outside cause they will be gone just like that. Wll after all that I decided Miss Vivian needed a nap, so I put here down in my room. That was a mistake cause I went in to check on her and guess what, she wasn't in bed. She had made a mess and was trying to climb up my dresser. Well just let it be said that by this time Grandma had lost her patience. I finally decided I needed a nap and layed down with her and we both fell asleep.
On to Mother's day. We went to church and had a good meeting. It was a little hard for me hearing the one talk since my mom passed away last year. It made me think of her and how much I miss her.
I love being a mom and grandma, it's been the best. My kids are great, and they have grown into wonderful adults. I couldn't have asked for more.
We went to Natalie's for lunch and the guys fixed our meal. I had New York Strip on the grill and it was great. I never have steak and ooooohhhhh it was good. Macy made salsa and that was great too. We stayed all afternoon and then brought Heidi and Noah home with us for a sleepover. They are so much fun. They slept good, when I finally got them to bed. All in all it was a good day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I am feeling a little lonely today, though I am not sure why. I have Vivian and Sophie for all night so you would think that would be keeping me busy and it is don't get me wrong, but just knowing everyone is out of town makes me feel a little lonely and on my own.
Ross took a vacation day and went to Indianapolis to the time trials. I went with him last year and well lets just say it wasn't the best time I have ever had. In fact it was about as much fun for me as it would have been for Ross if I had taken him shopping, I think you all get the picture.
He is stopping to see his mother on the way home. Now lets talk about that a little bit. The other day I suggested to Ross that he take his mother out to eat for mothers day. Well his response was, and I quote, "I'm just gonna get her something."" So what does that lead you to believe? Well I took it that he was going to do just that, get his mother something for mothers day. oh no, Ross came home that night from work and asked me if I had gotten his mom anything for mothers day. Ok, you can just about imagine my response. Sometimes I just don't understand how men think, and you know what, I have come to the conclusion that hey, they don't think. Anyway I got his mom a present and he was stopping to see her and give it to her tonight.
Natalie and Chad are also gone today. They went to Chicago to a Cubs game and will be home late tonight.
Now the reason I have Vivian and Sophie is because Macy and Brent also went to Chicago to celebrate their 7th year wedding anniversary. So it just feels a little lonely here in South Whitley with everyone out of town. I am pretty sure I will survive though
Now another dilema I have. I am on the hunt for a really good sandwich wrap recipe for Whitley's wedding reception. You know I want something that when I eat it I say , Wow, that was really good. I haven't come across it yet.
I tried a recipe yesterday that I was very hopeful about, but it just didn't wow me. It was just ok. My niece Hollie gave me the recipe from the hotel where she works and it sounded like it would be really yummy, but like I said it was just ok. It was turkey breast with lettuce and pepperjack cheese with a cranberry mayo. I was just a little, well actually a lot disappointed.
So I am still on the hunt for something that is just really gonna make me crave it. So if any of you have any suggestions, I am open and ready to listen. I just decided since this is the last wedding I will be doing, I wanted to do something a little different that just plain sandwiches.
Hopefully I will find something.
I picked up Whitley's engagement pictures yesterday so now I am just waiting for the invitations to arrive so I can start the process of putting everything together. They turned out pretty good. Macy took them when we were in Utah helping Whitley pick out her wedding dress.
Everything is on track and I think we are good to go. Just need to buy some airline tickets and get a hotel room reserved. After 5 weddings I have become pretty good at all this. Practice makes perfect.
Well like I said if any of you have any great wrap recipes send them my way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

well here I am in the world of blogging. This is all pretty new to me so we will see how it goes. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs so I hope I have something of interest to share with others.
My kids have blogs, so I thought I might as well give it a go. I was talking to Vanessa today telling her I might start a blog, but wasn't sure I had anything to write about and then she started giving me all sorts of ideas. I guess my life isn't as ho-hum as I thought it was. Or maybe it really is and everyone else's is too.
Today I am babysitting Natalie's kids while she is at the dr, shopping and looking at some houses with Chad. Noah has on his superman cape so he is as happy as can be. He really gets into superman. We had lunch and Owen, who is 1, ate as much as Heidi and Noah. I think he really likes food, and lots of it.
I have been looking for a dress for Whitley's wedding and have really not had a lot of luck. Since I am not as thin as I use to be, or ever was for that matter of fact, I am having a hard time finding something that doesn't look like my grandma would have worn it. I did buy a dress a couple of weeks ago that will work if I absolutely can't find anything else, but it really isn't what I am wanting. Macy got some really pretty material and if I can find a pattern I like we may just have to make it. Well I should say she , not we, would make it. I have no sewing abilities at all. In fact I hate to sew. I find it very stressful. I can remember in Jr. High when all the other girls made dresses, I made a pixie scarf. Now I am really dating myself, cause most of you probably don't even know what a pixie scarf is. Well Macy was nice enough to tell me maybe I could make a pixie scarf to match the dress she would make for me. I raised such a nice loving daughter. She is always thinking of me.
No really she is always thinking of me. She helps me with all the sewing and crafty stuff that I stink at. Which is just about everything.
Welll such is my first blog. Hope someone out there enjoyed it. If not, well ,just don't let me know. It will be better for my ego that way!!!