Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back Home in Indiana

Well after being gone for a month I am back home. It felt so good when I walked in the house after being gone for so long. I had a great trip, but as Dorothy says "There's no place like home."
Ross and I flew to Salt Lake on Nov. 3rd to see our new grandsons. Oh they are just the cutest and most adorable little boys. Ross stayed until Sunday evening and then flew down to Vegas with Vanessa for a few days and then he had to come back home to pay for the rest of my vacation. At least that's the story he tells, Ha Ha.
I stayed for two weeks with Whitley and her new husband Brent, and then was able to go and visit Ben and Jocelyn and the boys. It was a great two weeks except for the 3 days that I was sicker than I have been in like FOREVER. I then flew down to Vegas to stay with Vanessa and Ryan for 2 weeks. The weather was great, but really didn't put me in the holiday spirit. Just a little too warm for Thanksgiving. Whitley and Brent drove down for Thanksgiving weekend with us so it was a great time.
Anyway I flew home on the 3rd of Dec. and feel like I have been going nonstop since I got home. Thanks heavens the Christmas shopping was done. I finally finished all the wrapping today so maybe things will slow down just a bit, but I doubt it. Ben has been interviewing for Dental school so that has been exciting. Can hardly wait until I know where they will be for the next four years. I am really hoping they will be close to us so we can see these new little grandsons more than once a year. All in all life is good and its good to be home