Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well my bathroom is finally done, well all except two cupboard doors for my linen closet that the guy made the wrong size so now I am waiting for the UPS man to bring.
I LOVE IT, I MEAN , I LOVE IT, DID I SAY I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Now Ross would say that I was being too materialistic, but let me tell you I feel so calm when I walk in it. It turned out just like I imagined.
For those of you who never had the opportunity to see it before, well let me just say it was original to the house. Pink tile on the walls, old laminate counter top, tiny little tile squares on the floor, dark brown cabinets, pink tile in the shower.
Guess what, NO MORE PINK.
I will try to post some old pictures along with the new if I can figure it out. I took some when we started the remodel but I didn't get them taken before I had ripped out the pink tile so you can't fully appreciate the change.
Anyway I love it and just walk in and look and I feel good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Trees are gone

Well we had two rather large trees cut down yesterday. One was a maple out by the road and the other was a huge blue spruce right next to the house. I always hate to see trees cut down but these were both dying and I really didn't want the blue spruce falling on the house. So things look a little different. It is a little easier to see though pulling out of the driveway. I watched as the one down by the road came crashing down. It was a little scary. It made quite a thud as it hit the ground. We will need to get something planted in its place. We won't live long enough to enjoy a big tree but someone else will someday. Whitley will be home Thur. with her fiance' Brent. I told Ross he needs to be nice when he meets him. I know he wouldn't be mean or anything but for those of you who know Ross he is a man of few words and some might think that he doesn't like them so therefore he isn't talking much. I am sure Whitley has prepared Brent. But like Vanessa said tonight, you can tell them but they don't really get it until they meet Ross. We will be busy next week making the centerpieces meeting with the caterer and meeting with the lady doing the cake. Hopefully then we can just relax and enjoy ourselves until the wedding. Well at least its wishful thinking. We still have a lot of people that have sent their rsvp so I am hoping I will be getting those this week. I gotta have a head count so I know how much food to have. I certainly don't want to be short, that would be awful. Well I am fixing Ross a bit to eat since he just got home and then I will be heading to bed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well we are having another thunderstorm this evening. The satellite just went out again. It always does that when it rains hard. We just keep getting more rain. I really don't think we need it. We had so much Ross was not able to plant much of a garden. I love the smell while it's raining. It's great living in Indiana. I love it. It is so green right now. I just sit and look out my living room window and thank Heavenly Father that I live in such a beautiful place.
Life is good!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Visiting Friends

I had the best time over the weekend. Another friend and I went to visit my good friend Vicki Houseman in Springfield, Ohio. It was great. Just being with old friends and talking about all the fun times we had was so much fun. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a very long time. I think my stomach muscles got as good a workout as if I had been using the Ab Buster. I miss Vicki alot. We were such good friends when she was in the Huntington Ward. I will definately not wait so long for my next visit.