Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Windows

It has been way to long since I last posted. I just don't enjoy writing as much as I love reading what everyone else posts.
Today we are getting new windows and I am so excited. Boy can you tell I am old. When you start getting excited about new windows that says alot about you. But anyway, they look so nice. It's like being in a different house. They have brightened it up so much. The outside of our house is just a little boring so we go the windows with the grids in them and I think they will perk up things a little bit more. Now if I can just talk Ross into putting a porch on the front of the house we would be all set, but there is little chance of that. Ross always says if it aint broke don't fix it, but I will hold out hope that maybe someday he will see the error of this kind of thinking and get on board with what I want to do. Until then I will try to be content. The key word here is TRY.