Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well I am pretty sad today. Ben called and they are going to Oregon to Dental School this fall. He had been accepted at Louisville and I was really hoping they would choose to go there, but no such luck. I am sad because now I won't get to see their little boys very much, in fact maybe twice a year. I just hate that they won't know us. I have such a close relationship with the other grandkids and it breaks my heart to know they won't really know grandma and grandpa Staller. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Guess I'll go and have myself a good cry.


Kirsten said...

You need to get Skype! So the boys can see you and you can see them!! That is so sad not to see grandparents. That is my life! :(

The Braun Family said...

I'm sorry. I know how much you were looking forward to all your grandkids being close by. At least Oregon is a great place to visit.

Jenny said...

They will know you. That is my life as well with no grandparents and it is hard, but the kids know and love their grandparents. They get to talk to them on the phone and when they visit or we visit them and it is filled with so many memories... enough to last for the next 6 months:) Skype is great. And sending them packages helps them think and remember who you are. It was hard when they were younger like Ben's boys now, but as they get older they will remember you and love you! It's different but can still be great! Sorry for the book of an entry:)