Monday, February 2, 2009


Well yesterday was my birthday. I wish I could say I had a wonderful time, but I spent most of the day being sick to my stomach. We went out on Saturday with Jon and Linda Knecht and Sandy(Cook) Leonard and her husband John. That was a lot of fun but on the way home I wasn't feeling very good. We went to South Bend so it was a good little drive and being in the car really didn't help much. Anyway I missed church and then Natalie and Macy came over with the birthday meal that had been planned. I was feeling a little better by then so I guess the whole day wasn't a wash out. At least going to church at 1pm gave me a little longer time to recuperate before they got here. Had it been a noon deal I am pretty sure I would have cancelled. Anyway I was sick last year on my birthday too. So I guess this just means that I will have no more birthdays. That would be fine with. No I really don't mind getting older when I think of the alternative. I'm just not ready to leave this world just yet. I would like to be here to see my grandkids grow up and then when I am old and decrepid I can move in with whichever child I think deserves me the most. Let me think, who gave me the most grief?!!!! I went to the eye Dr. today and got some new killer glasses. I am pretty excited to get them. It's always fun to have a change. Ross probably won't like them, but then Ross' taste in fashion really isn't what it should be. It's a nice sunny day today so that will keep me happy.

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Drama Queen said...

Happy belated birthday, Sister Staller. I JUST saw your comment on my blog. (It's been crazy this last month or so and I haven't been on it.) But of course I remember you and your family. I always had a crazy crush on Ben. LOL Hope things are going well for you guys! Thanks for finding me and saying hello!